Snack Locker Policy Updates

Over the past few years, we've seen an increase in the amount of candy/snacks being brought to camp. This issue culminated in 2017 when we found ourselves storing garbage bags of snacks/candy in the camp office. Things had clearly gotten out of hand. Last year we decided to take action and ask that no more than a gallon ziplock be sent to camp. This seemed to work ok, and combined with some feedback left us with a clearer vision of where snacks fit into camp life.  Our snack lockers are an opportunity to bring a small comfort from home. They should not be a focus of the camp experience.

Camp provides three square meals and two snacks each day. Campers will be well fed and should survive just fine without any additional snacks; however, we will allow campers to bring additional snacks if the following guidelines are observed:

  • We encourage sending healthy snacks as opposed to candy whenever possible.
  • Send no more than a 2-quart size zip lock bag. (This should be plenty for a one-week stay at camp.)
  • Your camper's bag should be labeled with their name.
  • Bags must be stored in assigned snack locker.
  • Campers may only retrieve their snacks during recreation periods A and B.
  • Campers must return the Snack Key to their cabin when finished for others to use.

Please keep in mind . . .

  • Snacks are optional; NOT required.  
  • Snack locker use is not always regulated.
  • Snacks that melt should be avoided.
  • Please be considerate of possible allergies and avoid nuts.
  • You can try segmenting out snacks by day.
  • Snacks are available in the camp store.

Behaviors that will result in disciplinary action: Snacks are a privledge which can be revoked if problems arise (littering, theft, etc.)

  • Keeping snacks in the cabin.
  • Leaving messes (wrappers, sticks, etc) around camp
  • Taking snacks that are not yours.

Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions.