Learn Skills in Classes

There are four (4) class periods each day. Campers ages eight (8) years old and older may select four single period classes or a combination of double and single period classes to take.  Not all classes are offered during all periods. When registering, please rank your top six (6) choices.   In the event of a scheduling conflict, we will make every effort to give you your top four choices, but we cannot guarantee this.    

Please note: When signing up for classes with age restrictions, campers must be required age before attending camp.  If signing up for C.I.T. campers must be the required age by July 1st.  

Archery I - Beginning archers will learn range safety and follow range commands as they learn to shoot a bow and arrow the correct way. They will learn or continue to develop shooting techniques, safety, and have fun along the way. From target shooting to playing tic tac toe, this class is a blast!  Participants will use Seneca, Genesis, or Recurve bows, dependent on skill level. Campers may NOT bring their own bows.

Archery II - Experienced archers will learn range safety and follow range commands as they practice shooting a bow and arrow the correct way. They will learn and hone in on their shooting techniques, safety, and have fun along the way. From target shooting, spelling challenges, and games, this class is a blast!  Participants will use Genesis or Recurve bows, dependent on skill level. Campers may NOT bring their own bows. Campers must be 12 years old and older to take this class.

Arts and Crafts- Take something home with you from camp. A creative atmosphere where kids will produce several projects using a variety of materials.

Astronomy – Explore celestial concepts, identify and build your own constellations, get messy with hands on activities like galaxy slime, maybe do some star gazing under the Shankitunk sky, and just have fun learning about our galaxy and beyond!

Backpacking I- Learn how to pack a bag for hiking, some equipment used in backpacking, how to collect firewood and more. Campers will set up a campsite close to camp, and will spend one night at the site. Campers in this class will get to enjoy evening Smore's cooked over their campfire. You will need a sleeping bag, but all other equipment is provided by camp. For beginning campers ages 8 and 9. (Not available for Day Camp)

Backpacking II- For campers ages 10 years old and older. Campers will review how to pack for a trip, learn about important safety equipment used for backpacking, enjoy evening snacks and breakfast cooked over the fire, and get to camp out on the mountain for one night away from camp.  Build a better understanding of your abilities as a hiker and more appreciation of packing as a way to carry essentials for living with you.  Campers are required to bring a sleeping bag as well as good hiking shoes or sneakers. Campers must be 10 years old and older to take this class. (Not available for Day Camp) Double Class Period

Beading - Campers who have enjoyed the traditional arts and crafts class will surely want to take the next step into beading. In this class you will focus on making beaded bracelets using a loom. After designing a bracelet and learning about using a loom, campers will have the opportunity to make their own beaded bracelet to take home.

Chef’s Club – Campers will learn about kitchen safety, sanitation, measuring ingredients, reading recipes, and enjoy eating tasting treats. Making your own food is fun and healthy. Campers will plan and prepare their own delicious delicacies. Yum! Yum! Join in the Fun! Must be 10+ years old.

Counselor in Training I - How hard can making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich be?   Come find out in this fun first look at what it means to be a counselor experience.  Teamwork, communication, trust, and cooperation skills are an important part of this program.  Campers must be 14 years old or older by July 1st to take this class.

Counselor In Training II- This is step two for campers who would like to learn how to be a successful camp counselor.  Campers will participate in activities that ask them to reflect on experiences that have made them who they are and learn about important needs of campers. Critical thinking and communication are important in this class. Campers will be asked to observe camp activities from a counselor perspective. Campers will be evaluated by the CIT Director and may be invited to return for CIT III.  Campers must be 15 years old or older by July 1st AND have taken CIT I to take this class.  Double Class Period

Counselor in Training III - By invitation only.  This is the final class of the CIT series that prepares campers to be counselors.  Campers who are invited back for this two week experience will spend all four class periods during their first week learning about the duties and responsibilities that are required to be a successful camp counselor. They will practice important leadership skills, role play scenarios, lead games, and are encouraged to ask questions.  Campers who successfully complete this first week experience are asked to complete a second week where they get to be a junior counselor for the week under the guidance of our camp staff. Campers are then evaluated by the camp staff, CIT Director, and Camp Director for possible employment the following summer.  Campers must be 16 years old or older by July 1st AND have completed CIT I and CIT II (two seasons prior experience as a camper) to take this class.

Cookery- Collect firewood, learn about fire safety, and building a fire. Campers will use a variety of outdoor cooking techniques including pie irons, tin foil meals, and buddy burners.  Enjoy making and eating several foods made over an outdoor fire.

Drama- Would you like to have a part in a production? Campers get the chance to act, help make costumes, create the set, and do make-up. Whatever your part, there will be fun for all, with a special event created by your group to perform on Friday for the camp audience.  In addition to the group productions, campers can have a blast playing improv games as they work.

Fishing - In this class campers will learn how to prepare for and go fishing.  From the very basics of baiting a hook and casting a rod to learning different kinds of fish, their habitats, lures, and techniques, this class offers a fun fishing experience for all ages. Campers will practice catch and release fishing in the pond near camp and take a hike to the nearby Delaware River for a fishing adventure. Campers may bring their own rod and tackle box if they wish, but this is not necessary. Double Class Period

Living History - Take a step back in time to join other campers and become part of history by keeping a journal and learning different historical skills, crafts, and games including Nine Mans Morris, candle-dipping, quill pens, and more.

Nature- Don't be afraid to get dirty and have some fun. Explore your surroundings, learn about different plants and animals, take a hike in the woods, go birdwatching, check out the river shallows for small creatures, and maybe even dissect an owl pellet. Bring some old shoes and join us for a good time.

Newspaper- Campers get to try their hand at being a reporter. They can choose to interview counselors, write an article or short story, think up fun horoscopes, poll the camp, make an art page, and more.  Each camper will make their own page for the weekly newspaper. Campers in the class will receive their own copy of the newspaper, and will have their work uploaded to the camp website! Interested in their work?  You can read some of the old newspapers or check out their new blog

Outdoor Skills – If you want to have fun and learn skills as you explore the outdoors, then this is the class for you. Campers will have a fire building contest, work together to build shelters, blaze trails through the bamboo forest, identify common plants and animal tracks, and much more!  Bring your sense of adventure and a pair of good hiking shoes. Campers must be 10 years old or older to take this class. Double Class Period.  

Photography- Campers will learn a little bit about the evolution of the camera, how to compose, take, manipulate, and print photos.  Campers will get to use our working darkroom to develop a black and white photo and also work with digital photography. Don't forget about the fun of Forced Perspective photography!

Rocketry I- This class teaches campers how to safely build, paint, and launch their own rocket.  There is an additional charge of $20.00 for this class. Campers must be 10 years old or older to take this class

Rocketry II- This class teaches campers how to safely build, paint, and launch their own rocket.  There is an additional charge of $20.00 for this class. Campers must be 12 years old or older to take this class

Rocketry III- This class teaches campers how to safely build, paint, and launch their own rocket.  There is an additional charge of $20.00 for this class. Campers must be 14 years old or older to take this class.

Science – Campers will learn about important science safety and participate in several experiments before learning about how it all came together.  In the past campers have built a DNA helix, made crystals, worked with microscopes, mixed up a batch of diesel fuel, made bouncy balls, and mini explosions! Come science with us.

Sports and Recreation- Come on out and play. Active sports such as spud, volleyball, nukem, kickball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and other fun games will be offered. Learn some rules, sportsmanship, and strategy for these sports.

Swimming - Learn to swim or improve your swimming skills while having a lot of fun. Classes will be taught using the Red Cross guidelines.

Team Challenge - Campers in this class will work together as a team to overcome challenges and obstacles on our low ropes course. From the basic trust falls and communication of team building to the favorite elements on the ropes course like Nitro, Mohawk Walk, Whale Watch, Spider Web, and more. Campers will develop team-building skills while having fun and supporting each other as a group.

Water Walk - Investigate how water moves from mountain top to river in our mini 4-H Camp Shankitunk watershed.  Discover connections between land, water, trees and our very own swimming pool! If you like hiking, playing games, building models and exploring off the beaten forest paths, then this class is for you.  We’ll also discuss how our water connects camp to New York City and beyond.

Wildcard - A special class offered only one week during the summer. Guest instructors along with camp staff will lead some exciting opportunities. Summer 2020 options are coming after the holidays. 

Woodworking - We have the tools to make it happen in our science center workshop. Campers will use basic hand tools and some power tools to make and take home a woodworking project.  We will spend a day learning about workshop safety and how to use the various tools in the workshop with proper safety procedures. In the past we have made tool boxes, birdhouses, a bookshelf, and more. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for this class.

Yumba - Get your daily Zen and workout all in one during this Yoga and Zumba combo class. Enjoy a little quiet time and some upbeat musical fun to get your heart rate pounding.  For female campers ages 12 years and older.


Still not sure what to take this summer? Here are some suggestions to help you narrow it down . . .

STEM CLASSES: Rocketry, Woodworking, Science, Photography, Chef's Club

CREATIVE ARTS CLASSES: Arts & Crafts, Photography, Drama, Newspaper, Beading, Living History

SPORTS CLASSES: Sports & Rec, Swimming, Archery, Yumba, Team Challenge,

 OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CLASSES: Fishing, Woodworking, Backpacking, Outdoor Cookery, Nature, Outdoor Skills, Water Walk

TEEN / LEADERSHIP CLASSES: Counselor in Training, Archery II, Rocketry II / III, Yumba