Learn Skills in Classes

Cohorts will rotate through shared programming spaces. Program offerings are subject to scheduling availability and may change. Overnight campers will select 4 activities of interest to guide our planning/ordering efforts. Classes may not be offered each week, due to low interest. You can select your class choices when registering through Ultracamp!

Although day campers will not select classes during registration, they will rotate through activities in two groups (5-8, 8+) 

Please note: When signing up for classes with age restrictions, campers must be required age before attending camp.  If signing up for C.I.T. campers must be the required age by July 1st. 

2023 Class Offerings

Grab Bag- Sample activities from a mix of classes that are being offered and even some that are not!

Astronomy- Delve into the world above. Enjoy hands on activities, discussions, and star-gazing after hours into the sky over Shankitunk as a group.

Sports and Recreation- Come on out and play. Active sports such as spud, volleyball, nukem, kickball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and other fun games will be offered. Learn some rules, sportsmanship, and strategy for these sports.

Swimming - Learn to swim or improve your swimming skills while having a lot of fun. Classes will be taught using the Red Cross guidelines.

Archery - Beginning archers will learn range safety and follow range commands as they learn to shoot a bow and arrow the correct way. Experienced archers will learn and hone in on their shooting techniques, safety, and have fun along the way. From target shooting, spelling challenges, and games, and more. Participants will use Genesis or Recurve bows, dependent on skill level. Campers must be 8 years old by January 1st to take this class. Campers may NOT bring their own bows.

Team Challenge- Youth participate as a team on the low ropes course with an an emphasis on teamwork, communication, listening, debriefing and more to overcome obstacles as a group.

Arts and Crafts- Take something home with you from camp. A creative atmosphere where kids will produce several projects using a variety of materials.

Loom Beading- Plan your project before exploring warps and wefts as you string beads together by hand using a wooden loom to create a bracelet or keychain. Dexterity and a steady hand required.

Drama- Would you like to have a part in a production? Campers get the chance to act, help make costumes, create the set, and do make-up. Whatever your part, there will be fun for all, with a special event created by your group to perform on Friday for the camp audience.  In addition to the group productions, campers can have a blast playing improv games as they work.

Make your Own (MYO) Walking Stick - Spend the week shaping, decorating, and personalizing a walking stick to take home with you. Sanding, wood burning, wrapping, and capping will all be options yo make your stick your own. Learn the pros and cons of different types of wood that can be used and even practice some tree ID around camp.

Fishing - In this class campers will learn how to prepare for and go fishing.  From the very basics of baiting a hook and casting a rod to learning different kinds of fish, their habitats, lures, and techniques, this class offers a fun fishing experience for all ages. Campers will practice catch and release fishing in the pond near camp and take a hike to the nearby Delaware River for a fishing adventure. Campers may bring their own rod and tackle box if they wish, but this is not necessary.

Nature- Don't be afraid to get dirty and have some fun. Explore your surroundings, learn about different plants and animals, take a hike in the woods, go birdwatching, check out the river shallows for small creatures, and maybe even dissect an owl pellet. Bring some old shoes and join us for a good time.

Outdoor Skills – If you want to have fun and learn skills as you explore the outdoors, then this is the class for you. Campers will have a fire building contest, explore shelter-building, blaze trails through the bamboo forest, identify common plants and animal tracks, and much more!  Bring your sense of adventure and a pair of good hiking shoes.

Rocketry - This class teaches campers how to safely build, paint, and launch their own rocket. Age requirements are as follows: level 1 (age 10+) level 2 (age 12+) level 3 (age 14+).

Science – Campers will learn about important science safety and participate in several experiments before learning about how it all came together.  In the past campers have built a DNA helix, made crystals, worked with microscopes, mixed up a batch of diesel fuel, made bouncy balls, and mini explosions! Come science with us.

Woodworking - We have the tools to make it happen in our science center workshop. Campers will use basic hand tools and some power tools to make and take home a woodworking project.  We will spend a day learning about workshop safety and how to use the various tools in the workshop with proper safety procedures. In the past we have made tool boxes, birdhouses, a bookshelf, and more. (age 10+)

Backpacking I- Learn the skills for camping outdoors! Spend a night in a tent, collect firewood, make a S'more and more!

Backpacking II- Campers must be 10 years old or older by July 1st.
A more advanced outdoor adventure. Take a hike up through a trail and spend a night on top of the world! 
This class is a double period session

Chef's Club- Create easy to make delicious cuisine on a daily basis. Learn the ins and outs of a kitchen and work as a team to serve up irresistible delicacies.

Living History- Connect with the past in this Retro style class. Create a persona, play games as in days of yore and create historic crafts

Newspaper- Extra Extra! Read all about it! 
Create the Camp's local newspaper. Conduct interviews, draw comics, take polls and more!

Outdoor Cookery- Cooking over a fire. Collect firewood and put together some tasty dishes and enjoy cooking in the outdoors

Photography- Picture this! Capture the moment at Camp and develop your own photos. 

Counselor in Training (CIT) I- Campers must be 14 years old or older by July 1st.
This one period class is a fun first look at what it means to be a camp counselor. Teamwork, trust, communication, and cooperation skills are an important part of this program.

Counselor in Training (CIT) 2- Campers must be 15 years old or older by July 1st and have completed CIT I.
This double period class is step two for campers who would like to learn how to be a successful camp counselor. Campers will participate in activities that ask them to reflect on experiences that have made them who they are and learn about important basic needs of campers. Critical thinking and communication are important in this level. Campers will be asked to observe camp activities from a counselor perspective. Campers will be evaluated by the CIT Director and may be invited to return for CIT III.

This year, we invite everyone to join us with submissions to the weekly camp newspaper by interviewing their counselors, writing an article or short story, thinking up fun horoscopes, polling the camp, making an art page, writing a poem, and more.  Maybe your work will be uploaded to the camp newspaper blog.