Backpacking Program

Backpacking I (For campers ages 8 and 9)

Learn how to pack a bag for hiking, some equipment used in backpacking, how to collect firewood and more. Campers will set up a campsite close to camp, and will spend one night at the site. Campers in this class will get to enjoy evening smore's cooked over their campfire. You will need a sleeping bag, but all other equipment is provided by camp.

Backpacking II (For campers ages 10 years old and older)  Double Class Period.

Campers will review how to pack for a trip, learn about important safety equipment used for backpacking, enjoy evening snacks and breakfast cooked over the fire, and get to camp out on the mountain for one night away from camp.  Build a better understanding of your abilities as a hiker and more appreciation of packing as a way to carry essentials for living with you.  Campers are required to bring a sleeping bag as well as good hiking shoes or sneakers.

*** Please Note ***

1) When signing up for classes with age restrictions, campers must be the required age before attending Camp.

2) This program is not available to Day Campers

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