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Summer 2021 Update

November 4, 2020

Dear Camp Community,
We were fortunate to be able to bring on a small crew this summer and accomplish some innovative alternative programming and some much needed maintenance projects. A few of these projects are highlighted below. We are grateful for these silver linings amidst one of the most challenging decisions in our camp history. Thank you to everyone who participated in and/or shared those programs!

That said, we'd like to express just how much we missed our campers and their families this summer at 4-H Camp Shankitunk. It just wasn’t the same without the sounds of singing Linger together on Thursday nights and hearing the early morning calls for wake-up and polar bear amidst the laughter and team chants of pirate ball, and we cannot wait to welcome you back to camp next year.

Normally at this time of year we would be gearing up to open registration on Cyber Monday (November 30); however due to the remaining uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to delay registration for Summer Camp until January 2021.

Although we know a great deal more now than we did this spring; at this time, we are still awaiting guidance from NYS about summer academic programs. We don't know when that will come or what it will look like, but we are hopeful that we will be able to welcome you back to 4-H Camp Shankitunk next summer.  At this time, we are highly engaged in the process of learning from successful and safe programs held across the country and planning a modified experience in 2021 with our leadership team. We want our program and procedure adaptions to be clearly presented before we open registration so that you can make the best choice for your child and family next summer.

Until that time, we wish you and yours continued good health and the warmest regards as the new year approaches. Please reach out to us directly anytime at Shankitunk4hcamp@cornell.edu or (607) 865-6531.