Years 75 to Present

Lisa Huyck Director; Edna B. Gladstone Director’s House is completed with help from SUNY Delhi; Camp Fee for Delaware County residents is $200.

Camp’s 80th Anniversary; Bathhouse is remodeled; menu is changed. 


Diane Oles serves as Camp Director.  Solar cars is added as a new class at camp where the fee per week increases to $215 per week. 


SUNY Delhi students assist in building a new cabin 9, the biggest cabin at camp.  Chef's Club is added as a new class.


Camping sessions were reduced from 6 weeks to 5 weeks with a fee of $225 per week.  Shooting Soprts (Air Rifle) was added as a new class.


Camp begins accepting registration online at a fee of $230 per week.  Wilderness Survival is added as a new class for older campers.


We installed a new flag pole and a generator.  The roof of Rice Hall was replaced.  Becky Manning is hired as our new Camp Director. Camp fee is $240.


This is our 85th year!  Day Camp was added at $175 a week and is a huge success.  The craft hall renovation is complete with the new building dedicated to Polly Dellacrosse.  New classes included Yoga, Pilates, & Zumba for girls and Bodyweight Workout for boys.


Peace pole is added to camp. Camp fee is $240.


Camp fee is raised to $265


The Camp Shop is renovated and given a new coat of paint. Corrine Tompkins becomes Camp Director.


Who knows? Come camp with us to find out.

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